An evolution in nutraceutical science.


Namëna Biosciences is committed to producing the highest quality nutraceutical products available on the market today.

We invest heavily in Research & Development and Quality Assurance in every step of product development, from cutting edge human science to raw material sourcing, to finished products.

Our solution-based Biosync™ line-up is focused on delivering vitamins at the right time, to the right place using the optimal delivery method to maximize bioavailability.

Right Time. Right Place. Right Delivery Method.


Did you know that the human digestive system from the mouth to bowel has a range of conditions which can affect the release and absorption of nutrients?

The variety of physiological conditions throughout the body means that anything ingested will be subject to many different often harsh and complex environments.

We have solved this problem with our Tailored Release™ approach to vitamin delivery ensuring maximum bioavailability.

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